Rebel Music: Native America

Rebel Music: Native America – Shepard Fairey’s project with MTV

Meet Frank Waln, Inez Jasper, Mike Cliff and Nataanii Means – young Native musicians using their art to empower their communities, tell their true stories, and ignite change. Click on image to watch the full episode of Rebel Music: Native America!

Rebel Music Native America

BBC Pop Up: Life as a young Native American in South Dakota

“BBC Pop Up: Life as a young Native American in South Dakota”

was broadcast in January 2015 and is set up on their webpage this way: “Life on Indian reservations in the US is often marked by a combination of crushing poverty and chronic alcoholism. In South Dakota, where 70,000 Native Americans live on various reservations, young people are all too aware of the tough reality they face. But as BBC Pop Up’s Benjamin Zand reports, many are also determined to move beyond the negative stereotypes and chart their own course in life.” If you cannot access the 5 minute video below, visit this link to go directly to the BBC website.

Meet our Summer 2014 guest: Tyrees Red Owl